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The Lunar Legacy Project has received media coverage from magazines and newspapers, radio, television, and even the internet. Below is a list of all media which focused on this project. Included on this list are hot links to all website articles that are still accessible. This list will be updated as new media sources are published or aired.

The New York Times
Should Neil Armstrong's Bootprints Be on the Moon Forever?

Why We Should be Wary of Moon Tourism

New Yorker
Dr. Space Junk Unearths the Cultural Landscape of the Cosmos

The Florida Bookshelf
Why We Need to Preserve the Archaeological Sites on the Moon

The Atlantic June 2016
The Future of Archaeology Is 'Spacejunk'

The New York Times February 2016
Relics of the Space Age

Forbes February 2016
America's Space Heritage is Rotting "In Place"

ABC Net, March 2014
China's space ambitions, private US rocketeers and space heritage

Las Cruces Sun News, September 2012
Neil Armstrong's legacy should be preserved through Apollo 11 artifacts on the moon

NBCNEWS.Com, August 2012
Armstrong's death may speed Tranquility Base preservation

The Washington Post, July 2012
Stepping lightly on the moon: Anticipating tourists, researchers want to preserve Apollo 11 sites

News, April 2010
KRWG Fm Broadcast on Space Heritage by Carrie Hamblen aired April 24.

News, April 2010
Press Release from the Historic Preservation Division of New Mexico
New Mexico Designates Moon Landing Site a Cultural Property: one giant leap for historic preservation

Las Cruces Sun News - Press Release
Space Artifacts get Historic Designation

News, March 2010
Space Archaeology - New Hampshire Public Radio broadcast by Virginia Prescott aired March 30.

News, March 2010
SAVING MOON DEBRIS - As it Happens - Aired March 31, 2010
Listen to Part Three
Duration: 00:07:40

News, January 2010

Los Angeles Times article
Discarded Apollo 11 items left on the Moon get California historical status

News, February 2010
New Mexico State University News Center
Archaeology Researchers make case for Moon artifacts and New Mexico by Susan Prosoco

News, November 2009
Interview on the Space Show

News, July 2009

NMSU Professor Studies The Archaeology Of The Lunar Landings

Archeoloog: Apollo-landingsplek moet beschermd

Beth O'Leary over werelderfgoed op de maan

News, June 2009
Apollo 11 Commemorative Launch Reenactment Launch Reenactment Highlights Activities

The Handbook of Space Engineering, Archaeology and Heritage

One giant leap into the cultural heritage of Space, an interdisciplinary approach

Space: The New Frontier for Archaeologists

Smithsonian Institue Article
DIGS Space Race II, June 2008

Round Up
Professor lobbies for preservation of Apollo 11 site

Space Heritage Task Force of the World Archaeological Congress

ABC : Groups Seeks Protection for Lunar Remains

SpaceViews Article: Other News
Don't Tread on Me: Group Wants to Protect Apollo Site

USA Today:
Preserving America's lunar visit

Moon in the News:
Moon in the News (April 2000)

Discovering Archaeology online:
Preserving the Tranquility Base

New Mexico State University
NMSU graduate students launch effort to protect moon landing site

North County Times the Backpage "Call it a moonument"

Corpus Christi Caller Time News
"2 graduate students want spot on moon saved"

In Print:

Who owns the moon? That is a question, by Charlotte Tallman
Las Cruces Magazine, Fall 2009

Alamogordo takes part in lunar legacy, BY GISELA TELIS STAFF WRITER, May 7, 2006, 06:30 pm

The State of New Mexico recognizes the First Space Heritage Site on the Moon press release

"The Cultural Heritage of Space, the Moon and other Bodies" by Beth Laura O'Leary. Antiquity Vol 80 No 307 March 2006.

Archaeology Magazine , SPACE- The Final [Archaeological] Frontier, by P.J. Capellotti, Nov/Dec 2004.

The Dallas Morning News
"Left behind", by Alexandra Witze, April 18, 2004

The Dallas Morning News
"Archaeologists work to preserve mankind's artifacts throughout the solar system", by Alexandra Witze, April 19, 2004

Science du Quebec, Montreal Canada
Congrès de la Société américaine d'archéologie,
Les archéologues à la conquête de l'espace

La Cronica de hoy, Mexico
Arqueólogos conservan objetos espaciales abandonados

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA), June 30, 2003, Section: News, Edition: Home; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Page: A1

Discovering Archaeology Magazine
"One Small Step for Man, One Giant Job For Archaeologists," by Michael A. Stowe, October 2000. pp. 11.

Las Cruces Sun News
" NMSU Grad Students Launch Effort to Protect Moon Landing Site"
October 1, 2000. pp. A4.

National Geographic World Magazine
"Moon Walk," by Sharon Thompson, March 2001. pp. 6.

Reflections "Nominating & Preserving Apollo 11 Landing Site Tranquility Base
(On The Moon) As The First Historic Landmark And World Heritage Site On A Celestial Body"
North Platte Valley Historical Association, Inc.  Quarterly Newsletter Vol. 1 January 2001

Smithsonian's National Air and Space Magazine
"Saving Tranquility Base," by D.C. Agle, March 2001. pp. 10-11.


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
United Kingdom

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
"As It Happens," with host Mary Lou Finley, aired September 28, 2000
Toronto, Canada

"Victoria Jones Show" with host Victoria Jones, aired September 29, 2000
Washington, DC

"Concerning New Mexico" with host Jorja Armijo, aired October 2 and 4, 2000.
National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate. Albuquerque, NM


KVIA Television
ABC news affiliate. El Paso, TX. October 7, 2000

KUDH Television
ABC news affiliate.  Scottsbluff, NE February 10, 2001


Lunar Archaeology: A view of federal historic preservation law on the moon

197th American Astronomical Society Meeting joint with the American Association of Physics Teachers
San Diego, CA 7-11 Jan. 2001 "Preserving a Lunar Legacy."

First Annual University Research Council and First Annual University Research and Research and Creative Activities Fair
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM October 2, 2001 "Preserving a Lunar Legacy."

Space Technology And Applications International Forum (STAIF 2000), Albuquerque, NM January 30-February 2.
"The Nomination of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Site (Tranquility Base) as a National Historic Landmark (NHL)"
by Ralph Gibson and John Versluis

Tucson 2000 19th Annual International Space Development Conference, Tucson, AZ May 25-29 2000
"Tranquility Base Endangered: Preserving the Apollo 11 Site As A National Historic Landmark"
by Ralph Gibson and John Versluis

North Platte Valley Museum Quarterly Gathering Cering, NE February 10, 2001
"Nominating And Preserving Apollo 11 Landing Site Tranquility Base (On The Moon) As The First Historic Landmark and World Heritage Site On A Celestial Body"
by John Verluis

Interview GEOSKOP ”Spuren im All” 172 GEO 05/2005