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This section of the website is for teachers, students, and persons who wish to learn a little about archaeology, the Apollo Program, and lunar geology.  Each section on the tool bar on the left provides information for teachers who wish to utilize all or part of the information contained therein to organize and create lectures and classroom exercises on the topics covered.  Students who wish to learn about these subjects on their own can look through all the materials provided and even try to complete the classroom exercises themselves.

 A tutorial is provided with each section.  The tutorials are a general description of the topics covered and can be used as the template for a class lecture outline.  Each section also contains a list of web links and suggested readings that will significantly add to the overall understanding of the topics.  Also included is a link to printable classroom exercises that will help enforce the information learned during the lecture.

 The vocabulary section is provided to assist in learning technical and professional words and terms.  In each tutorial, there are some words colored blue.  These words are located in the vocabulary section.  Clicking on one of these words with the mouse will instantly move the webpage down to that word in the vocabulary section.  Not all the words in the vocabulary section can be found in the tutorial section.  There are more words in the vocabulary section to assist in the understanding of words and terms one might come across while reading though the information contained in the web links and suggested readings provided.

  We hope that in providing this information to teachers, students, and the general public, we inspire interest in the space sciences and the social sciences.  The exploration of spacein our history, our present, and our futureis an endeavor that has always been multidisciplinary.  Professionals who have degrees in many different fields and sub-fields have contributed much to the exploration and understanding of our universe.  Will you one day contribute to this body of knowledge?



Space Shuttle Atlantis in Earth Orbit



Starburst Galaxy NGC 3310 (Hubble Telescope Image)


Space Exploration


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Lunar Geology

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