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Opening Remarks
Wednesday Morning, October 21 2009,

Good Morning, Secretary Payton, President Pachecho, Mayor Miyagishima, Speakers, Sponsors, and honored guests.

Welcome, I am Pat Hynes, Chair of the Fifth Annual International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight.

Over the next two days we will hear from the global experts on topics related to sending humans and cargo into space. Just over five hundred people have been to space since we started going to space 50 years ago. We are lucky to have some of those space explorers in the room with us today, including our Keynote Speaker, Secretary Gary Payton.

The symposium provides a wide-angle snapshot of how our industry functions today, relative to the “right now” status of flight safety, ground systems, university research, small satellites, manned launch vehicles and a host of other functions that make up the demanding activities driving the human access to space business programs. (read more)